Entry-way display, Malacology Department, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia

Department of Malacology

Biodiversity Research Group

The Academy of Natural Sciences

1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia PA 19103 USA

The Academy of Natural Sciences has a long tradition of excellence and influence in the field of malacology, the study of mollusks. Click around this site to find out about the people of the department and learn about their research.

Department Personnel:



Gary Rosenberg, Curator & Chair



Paul Callomon, Collection Manager

(215) 405-5096


Nasreen Phillips, Collection Manager

(215) 299-1174


Robert Robertson, Curator Emeritus


Martin Avery Snyder, Research Associate

Malacology Department Research Links

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Malacolog: Western Atlantic Gastropod Species Database

Biotic Database of Indo-Pacific Marine Mollusks

MUSSEL Project

Jamaican Land Snails

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